Film and Television

The Movie Lot have worked in the Film and Television arena for almost 20 years and have a extensive back catalog of productions to draw experience from.

We offer trained and experienced Film and Television operatives who work as part of a competent and courteous team to contribute in ensuring that the production runs smoothly, timely and within budget.

From the first film “Shooting Fish” in 1997 we are proud to have supplied Security and Location Support on large projects such as the entire Harry Potter series, as well as Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy and more recently Now You See Me 2 and Wonder Woman.

We are flexible, and are able to mobilize operatives on a last minute basis to coincide with an ever-changing production schedule and give the same care and attention to all projects regardless of duration.

We have worked in all genres of the film and TV industry from action to documentaries, comedies to period drama and we aim continually aim to improve our services in a growing network.

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